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I met a couple while doing laundry last Thursday and they are the ones who showed me how to set up this blog.    I really wanted it to start from the beginning of our travels so I've worked really hard since then bringing it up to the current date which it now is!!!

Today was cold and grey with temps down in the 50's.  Tonight we might even have frost - oh no!  The highlight of the day was going to the post office in Livingston and picking up our mail.    My sister, Sue is our mailing address, everything goes to her and she keeps it until we let her know where to send it.  This was the first time she had enough to send us and we were curious how it would work.  She sent it to:
Marty and Mary Konopacki
c/o General Delivery
Livingston, Texas

She mailed it Thursday and it was there today.  I phoned the post office first (and got to talk to a real person!) to make sure it was there and when we picked it up they had it at the counter waiting for us.    For the future we will need to make sure the local post office accepts general delivery and always use a small town - it might be hard to find the general delivery in Houston or New Orleans.