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February 2015, Still in Mesa

Salt River Bulldog Canyon

Wild horses couldn't drag me away from here!
We've been in Mesa for two months now and it's still a pretty nice place to spend the winter.  There's not much new to report - we are still working hard 12 hours a week and we spend the rest of the time relaxing and exploring the area.   Here are some photos from our February adventures:


February seems to be the busiest month here, it feels like there are parties and dances every other day and we work hard setting up for whatever event is happening on our workdays.  This month we set up tables and chairs for the sock hop and then took it down to set up for bingo and then took bingo down to set up for the Valentine's Day Dance - whew!  We also worked the day that Little River Band performed - that was fun and we got to watch the show.  They played two shows (4:00 and 7:30) and Marty and I worked their dinner.
Setting up for the sock hop
hmmmm, I think we should do this job first
Little River Band and we worked their dinner!


On Monday mornings the bike group meets for a 20 mile bike ride.  We've gone a few times and enjoyed the rides and seeing new sights.
Monday Morning Bike Group

Acupuncture the hard way
We rode to the Mesa Botanical Gardens

 We've taken a few drives northeast to Red Mountain and Saguaro Lake. 
Hiking by Red Mountain

Red Mountain

Saguaro Lake


Splashdown Motel

We never get tired of looking at rv's
Alberta from Alberta

Hey where's my pink jumpsuite?


Our very large family has grown even larger with the birth of two new great-nieces.  That makes 11 for the youngest generation with two more on the way!

Ava Mae Merkes born 1/21/15

Emily Rose Simmons born 2/23/15

That's it for this month.  We're heading into our last month in Mesa and then we'll start heading northwest for our next job which will be working in aTimber/Logging Museum in Forks, Washington.