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11/29/13 - Swamp Tour

Friday, 11/29/13

After a quick trip to the post office we were on our way to Breaux Bridge for a "Swamp Tour".  The weather was sunny but the temps are only in the high 50's so it's still jacket weather.

We took a two-hour tour with "Champagne's Cajun Swamp Tours" and our money was well spent.    We went through swamps and bayous and there is a difference;  a bayou is a body of water that is river like in nature, but generally shallower and the water movement is slower and a swamp is a seasonally flooded area with dense vegetation, the woodland equivalent of a prairie bog.   See what I'm learning!

Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and we learned a lot.  The water we were on is a federally protected bird sanctuary so during migration season there are thousands of bird on the water.  We saw so many different birds; snowy white egrets, cormorants,  anhingas, and my favorite of the day, the Great Blue Heron.  They have a wing span of 5 feet and were amazing to see.

Everyone on the boat was looking for alligators and finally one sharp-eyed man saw one - too bad it was the only one we saw.  We did see lots of turtles.

My First Alligator!

The highlight of the tour (after the alligator spotting) had to be when the boat got stuck and he asked the people on the left to shift to the right and then had the people in the back move to the front - it was pretty funny and we finally did get unstuck and no one fell out (although that could have been funny too - the water was pretty shallow).  Our tour guide was Brian Champagne, the owner of the company and I loved his Cajun accent - every sentence was "you all" this and "you all" that.

Here's a link that Marty posted on YouTube about our swamp tour

Looks like you can walk on it but
it's shallow, slow moving water
What a beautiful day!

After the swamp tour we headed back to Abbeville.   Rte 167 is the road between Abbeville and Lafayette and we've travelled it many times since we've been here.  On 167, in Lafayette, is the last remaining Borden's Ice Cream Shop in the country.  We had to stop since who knows if we'll ever come back this way.   YUM!