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12/15//13 - It's the Weekend!

Friday, 12/13/13 

We learned how to install "J" channel today!   We worked on that all day and almost finished a whole back porch.   At lunchtime we were treated to a mini--concert by Mary and Jack (blue-grass 
musicians), Spencer (our 26 year old supervisor and aspiring mandolin player) and Marty on harmonica.  It was fun to sit around and listen to old-time music - "You are my sunshine", "Oh, Susannah", "Red River Valley" and others like them. Here's a short clip we posted on Facebook:

We finished up on the job site around 4:00 and headed back to our rig with a quick trip to pickup dinner at Sonic on the way.

Saturday, 12/14/13

We are supposed to work Tuesday through Saturday and one of us did (thanks Marty!).   I stayed back at the rig and cleaned my 350 SF home :).   Then I watched trashy movies and tried to start a crochet project (that's not going so well).   Marty got home around 3:30 and we left around 5:30 to meet Becky and four of her kids at Garcia's, a Mexican restaurant in Covington - it was very good!

Sunday, 12/15/13

Today was our New Orleans day.   We took the 24 Mile Causeway over Lake Ponchartrain and were in the French Quarter by 10:00.  We wandered through the French Market and the French Quarter and crossed Canal Street for a quick trip to Harrah's Casino.  A few dollars later we headed back to the French Quarter.  It was a beautiful day for wandering and browsing.

Walking through Jackson Square with St. Louis Cathedral in the background
I love trying on hats and there are a lot of hats in the Market.
I know someone back in Chicago  who would
 really love these chairs!

A little "New 'Awlins" Jazz
We finished up in New Orleans around 1:00 and headed back to Fairview.   We took the longer way around through the town of Slidell.   It was a pretty ride going over the Mississippi and catching glimpses of Lake Pontchartrain to our left.    We were on 190 which goes right past the other State Park, Fountainbleu, where our fellow RV Care-A-Vanners are all staying.  We decided to take a quick ride through the park to see what we were missing.   This park is very nice, it sits on the north side of the lake and the Tammany Trace Bike Trail goes right through it.   We would definitely want to stay here if/when we come back.

While in the car I was playing about 7 different games of Words with Friends.  Once of those games was with my sister Jeanne who kept me posted about the Bears game - thanks Jeanne!

Once back at the rig (around 3:30), we got a phone call from a Cincinatti area code - it was one of our fellow workers who had heard about our ride through Fountainbleu and was inviting us back for dinner.  We had just got home and really didn't feel like going back out so we regretfully declined.   Once we're in, it's hard to get us to go back out (except for ice cream).