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12/17 - 12/21 - Final Week with Habitat

Our group minus the photographer (Marty).  The two in the orange
shirts are our construction supervisors, Spencer and Craig.

Habitat Work -  12/17 - 12/21 (Tuesday thru Saturday)

We spent the week working on house #3.  We started with soffits, I cut them and Marty installed - what a team!    Soffits were finished on Wednesday and then we started with "j" channel which was finally finished on Friday morning and then we got to put up siding.  I was amazed at how much work needs to be done before you can do the siding.  Siding is instant gratification, you can finally see what the house is going to look like.  It was definitely my favorite job of the two weeks here.  

This is harder than it looks (and I have the cuts
on my fingers to prove it!)

Hey, Marty - here's another one.
Look at that perfect circle - I love my snips!
Marty did all the soffit for the third house,
what a big job that was.  Luckily he was able
to use the pneumatic palm nailer which
made the job go much quicker.

I don't like ladders so I used a piece of "J" channel to
hold up the "J" channel being installed.
At the "peak" of his soffiting 
Getting started on siding

It's important to be level - no one wants
to live in a "crooked little house"
Yes, they let me use the circular saw - what fun and
I still have all my fingers!

   There were a lot of people working on this last house
Saturday but there is still some siding to be installed.
 Luckily there are more volunteers coming in January.

It wasn't all work this week - we went out with our Habitat co-workers on Tuesday night to Orlando's, a seafood restaurant in Madisonville.  It was our first opportunity to socialize with this very nice group of people.   They are all staying at Fountainbleu State Park and we are at Fairview so we haven't hung around with them too much after work.   They made plans for dinner in Madisonville because it was very close to us and they wanted to make sure we were included at least once in their group activities.   A good time was had by all.

On Thursday, we went to Carmello's for pizza with Becky and five of her kids.   We always have a good time with them!
From the left:  Helen, Marty, Mary, Becky, Ben, Hope,
Mary Margaret, and Meredith

On Saturday morning we dropped Maddie off to stay with her friends, Rex, Lily and Tucker.   What family doesn't need four dogs for a day.   Ben was waiting to let us in at 7:30, I'm glad Maddie was so well taken care of.

We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!