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12/16/13 - Dump Day (do you really want to read this?)

Monday - 12/16/13

Today was "Dump Day".  Since we are working Tuesday thru Saturday, Mondays are our chore/errand days.   We drove to town looking for a laundromat. The one we found was a dump, half the machines didn't work and it was also the most expensive we've been in so far, we won't be going back there.  Next stop was supposed to be for groceries but our microwave repairman called and asked if he could come at noon rather than the 3-6 slot we were told to expect him.   No problem, the sooner we get this microwave fixed the happier we will both be.  We met him back at Fairview and we now have a working microwave - YAY! 

We finally did some shopping and were back by 3:00 for the most exciting event of the day -  DUMPING OUR TANKS!   Our grey water tanks (sinks and shower) hold 93 gallons and our black water tank (toilet) holds 50 gallons Since we are staying here for four weeks we figured we should empty them after two weeks and then again when we leave on the 29th. To go to the dump station we had to pack up everything as if we were leaving so we could bring in the slides and then hitch the rig to the truck. It seems like a lot of work but we are getting so good at this that it only took about 15 minutes (a new record). We pulled up to the dump station which was only about 1/2 block away and took care of business. 

Back to the campsite, back-in, unhitch and we are ok for two more weeks.  Poor Maddie- there was no reason to take her to the dump station so we left her chained up in her spot by the picnic table. Then we both got in the truck and drove off - she didn't know what was going on and was looking all over for us. When the whining started I couldn't stand it anymore (see, I do have a heart) and brought her over to be with us. I wish I could have read her mind when she saw us leave  ?!?.   Poor dog.