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11/30/13 - Zydeco Breakfast

11/30/13 - Saturday

If you had told me a year ago that I would get up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning to have breakfast while a Zydeco band played in the background I would have said no way.   I hate getting up early and the best part of being retired is sleeping until 8:00.  But every Saturday in Breaux Bridge at the Cafe des Amis people line up early in the morning to get in for breakfast, music and dancing.  A few people told us we had to do this and that we would love it.  They were right!   The restaurant opens at 7:30 and when we got there at 8:00 we were lucky enough to get a space at one of the communal tables.   One of the men at our table comes every week for the dancing.  He had
breakfast and then once the music started we didn't see him again until we left (2 hours later).    The table behind us was a bachelorette party (at 8:30 A.M!) and they were having a good old time - did I mention they serve Mimosa's and Bloody Mary's.   They brought bottles of champagne and orange juice directly to their table and let them mix their own.  Marty and I didn't go out on the dance floor but my legs were sure tired from all the chair dancing I did!  We left around 10:30 and there was still a line to get in, once people are inside it's hard to get them out.

Since it was only 10:30 when we left the Cafe we needed something else to do.   I got out my trusty GPS App and looked up local attractions.  We found the Acadian Cultural Center which is part of the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve.     We arrived at 10:45 and it was a good thing because they closed at noon.   It was a small museum all about Cajun history and culture.  They show a movie every hour on the hour so we watched that - it gave us the history from about the 1600's to the present.  The movie was good but the volume was too low maybe my ears hadn't adjusted from the loud music from the cafe.    :)  

On our way back to Abbeville we made our 2nd and probably last visit to Borden's.   Chocolate malt for me and a strawberry shake for Marty.     Tomorrow we will be leaving Betty's RV Park - those ten days went fast.  We really got to see and do a lot while we were here - from A to Z - Accordians to Zydeco!