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12/2 - 12/7/13 - Weekly Update

We've had a quiet week here at Fairview State Park.   Monday thru Friday we had nice temps (high 60's to the low 80') and high humidity and then on Saturday we dropped down to the high 40's and cloudy.  I'm not complaining, this is way better than Chicago's weather.

Monday, 12/2/13

We stopped at Cafe du Monde (in Mandeville, not New Orleans) and had our first beignets since we've been in Louisiana.  They won't be our last - :).   After that we headed over to Becky's for a short visit, then a quick trip to the grocery store and Home Depot.  Once back at the rig, Marty worked on reinforcing the file cabinet which has had a few issues every time we move the rig - it looks like it will hold now.   Then it was back to Becky's to see the two youngest kids (Meredith and Ben) as they got home from school.   Back to the rig for a quick dinner of Boudin cooked on the grill and toasted marshmallows and Monday was done.

See the dory hanging behind us - pretty impressive, isn't it?

Tuesday, 12/3/13

We were at Becky's around 10:30 to put a dory (think rowboat/canoe) up on the wall in the back porch to give her more floor space out there.   Marty, after much thought, and with  Becky and my able assistance devised a very clever system.   We cut a 2x4 and screwed it into one of the stud supports, then we attached a hinge.   We did the same thing to another stud and then screwed a 44" 2x4 to the hinge on each.    Then we attached chain to the 2x4 and to the ceiling support.   The fun part was getting the boat up there, it's not too heavy but is a bit awkward.  

It's very important to place the marshmallow exactly right.

On Wednesday Becky was working until 7 so we picked up Meredith and Ben after school and brought them back to the park.   We cooked burgers and toasted marshmallows - we bought Hershey bars but forgot the graham crackers so no s'mores - yet.    FYI--  six year old boys have a lot of energy and like to play with fire!  Becky came to pick up the kids and we hung out for a little longer around the fire, then Marty took the kids for a little walk and showed them the graveyard across the road from where our rig is parked.    When they came back it was time to say good-night.

Ben and Meredith, expert marshmallow toasters!

I don't understand how my
 hands got so sticky!

Thursday, 12/5/13

We took a walk on the "swamp trail" this morning.  It runs about 1/2 mile along the Tchefuncte River which runs along the north side of our campground.   The trail is on a boardwalk and is a nice scenic walk.   The Tchefuncte River flows into Lake Ponchartrain which is on the north side of New Orleans. We are about 45 minutes from New Orleans via the causeway over Lake Ponchartrain.  

We also discovered that there is a Great Harvest Bread Company in Mandeville.  When we lived in Oak Park we had one and loved their bread (and free samples).   We bought a loaf of Popeye bread (excellent for turkey sandwiches) and a loaf of white chocolate raspberry bread (excellent anytime).   They also had lemon cake which I had to try since I'm still missing the lemon cake that Portillo's used to sell.  This was good but not as good as Portillo's.  I guess I'll keep searching for the "perfect" lemon cake.  

Friday and Saturday, 12/6 and 12/7/13

Nothing exciting over the last few days.  We did go to Camping World in Hammond, LA to fill our propane tanks for the first time (we have two 30 pound tanks).   We use our furnace as little as possible so this was the first time we needed to fill them since June when we bought the rig.  We have had cold days but have mostly used the electric fireplace and a small electric heater that we bought at Walmart.   Since electricity is included at most campgrounds it makes more sense to use our electric heaters rather than the propane furnace.   If it's real cold (20's or low 30's) we will turn the furnace on for a few minutes to take the chill out of the air.  

We also went to the post office in Madisonville to drop off Jacob's "ABC" book - Yay, it's done!!  Here's a sneak peak of one of the pages, can you guess the letter?