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11/11/13 - Happy Veteran's Day


Happy Veteran's Day to all our current and retired Military.  We're hoping to visit our nephew, Paul, who is in the Marines and stationed down by San Antonio sometime this winter.

We rode our bikes over to the camp office to see about extending our stay for another week or two.   When we arrived here on the 6th, we were told that we might be able to keep our site because the next boot camp hadn't filled up yet.   There is another boot camp this weekend and even though it's not filled "it might be" and now they tell us they need our site.  Too bad, we really liked this site, it was nice and sunny.  Also, if they had told us right off the bat that we couldn't keep our site (and we did ask) we would have chosen a site that was available for 2-3 weeks.   The people in the office gave us the numbers for some sites that will be available for the next two weeks and we rode over to check them out.   #18 looks good and we are going to move on Wednesday and stay for just one more week.

The funny thing about this whole thing is that the office is staffed by volunteers.   When we checked in last week it was Bill W. who told us we might be able to keep our site.  Today when we asked about staying at that site, Sharon W. (his wife) told us we should never have been told that.   He was standing there at the time helping another camper.    We should have told here it was her husband who gave us the misinformation.

Oh well, no big deal, we still need backing in practice anyway.   :)