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11/14/13 - 11!16/13 - Waiting for Deliveries.


Happy 1st Birthday to Jacob

Happy Sweet 16 to Lizzie!

11-14-13 - 11/16/13

These past few days have been quiet.   We ordered a few things from Amazon so we've been hanging around the rig waiting for deliveries.   Sometimes they come to our site and sometimes they get sent back as undeliverable.  We'll get this delivery stuff figured out and then it will be time to move to our next campground and start over.    We've ordered a bike rack for the back of the rig (that was returned undeliverable), we ordered a bike rack cover (received that), ordered 7 ink cartridges (received 5, the other 2 were returned as undeliverable), ordered a refrigerator fan and a sewer hose support (received that)    Everything was ordered with the same address, so this makes no sense to us.   The people at the Post Office are extremely nice but there is nothing they can do when Amazon uses UPS and then UPS delivers to the local post office.   We are addressing things directly to our site but if it goes to the post office it needs to be sent to our names c/o general delivery.   And we never seem to know which way Amazon is going to ship it.

There is a definite learning curve in becoming full-timers and we're still at the bottom but moving up quickly (we hope).