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11/24 - 11/26/13 - Cold and Rainy

Sunday, 11/24/2013

Today was sunny but cool.  We drove south almost to the Gulf of Mexico through sugar cane fields and rice paddies.   We would have liked to stop somewhere and walk around but there really wasn't a good place to stop.   When we got back to the rig we joined everyone else for "happy hour".   One of our fellow campers owned two restaurants in Washington State and he made salmon chowder for everyone (well, almost everyone - two of us don't like fish).   There was quite a spread and it was nice getting to know some of our fellow campers.   Some of the people here will stay for 3-4 months, this is their winter home and they come back every year.

Monday, 11/25/2013

There is a state park very close to us, Palmetto Island State Park, and we decided to visit it today.   The forecast is for rain today thru Wednesday but we chanced it anyway.   It's about 10 minutes from Betty's and we got there around 12:30.  We hiked a small nature trail and walked by a pond.  There were bubbles in the water, alligators or turtles?    The park is located on the Vermillion River and they rent canoes - something for next time.  We were there about an hour before the rain started and we headed back.

Seriously?  Alligators?

Cypress Trees

Spider, what spider?

I need a caption, best one gets posted.
When we got back to Betty's, Marty went to a "jam" session in the pavilion.  Only one other person showed up but that person, Dan, offered to let us use their kayaks if we want to go back to the state park.   I'd love to try kayaking again but it's in the 40's - 50's here and probably not going to be any warmer than that before we leave on Sunday.   Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it, my hesitation has nothing to do with my last kayaking experience.  

Tuesday, 11/26/13

What a lazy day!   We woke up to rain pouring down and it continued all day.  We drove into town to find a laundromat and did 5 loads of laundry.   When we came back we found that Maddie got into the garbage (bad dog!).  I guess she couldn't resist the smell of the bacon from breakfast.   Lesson learned, always put away the garbage when we leave.   This is one lesson we keep forgetting, she's done this 3-4 times.  I guess we're the old dogs who can't learn new tricks.   Once we got everything cleaned up and put away  I worked on organizing my photos on the computer and Marty went to the pavilion to play his guitar.    After dinner we both worked on our computers and it's still raining.