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11/13/13 - Weighty Matters

Thursday, 11/13/13

Leaving our site
Today was the day that we needed to move to a new site.  Since we were moving anyway, it was a good opportunity to get our truck and rig weighed.   After listening to the speaker at the Tire Safety seminar last Sunday, we really needed to know if we were ok or needed to move things around or even - gasp! - get rid of stuff.

I am very happy to report that our weight is fine, we're just slightly unbalanced (I think my family would agree).   We can move a few things around and everything will be fine and Maddie gets to stay.

I'm actually looking forward to being weighed.

Each wheel is weighed individually

2910 lbs?!
 I knew I should have worn my lighter treads.

Actual height is 12'11" but we will use 13'6"
Why take any chances on being stuck or losing an
air conditioner.    

Our new site feels more "camp" like.  We are in a wooded area with lots of pine trees, smells like Wisconsin and speaking of Wisconsin, we drove around the area today and stopped for lunch in the town of Onalaska which is named after a town near LaCrosse, Wisconsin.   How many people can say they've been to both Onalaska's?   We can!