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11/5/13 - Another Travel Day


Happy 19th Birthday Amanda!
Isn't she "Love-A-Bull"?

We were out of the Camping World parking lot by 7:30 (who says you get to sleep in when you're retired?) and drove about 220 miles to Marshall, Texas.
The friendly and fast way - the speed limit is 75 and
I know when we get to the Hill Country it will be 85!

Too bad we use diesel

I love this sign, it makes me laugh every time I see it.  

Easy drive and early pull-in to a Lowe's parking lot.  We had heard that Lowe's was one of the stores that allowed overnight parking and they have free WIFI!    We went in the store and asked if it was ok, the guy we asked said no one had ever asked that before but he saw no reason why we couldn't.   We went back to the lot and put out one slide (against a pole, out of the way).  Then we walked down the road a bit to Wendy's for lunch and WalMart for browsing.   I highly recommend buying some Walmart stock, we seem to be in there every day.   When we got back to the rig we both got out our laptops and enjoyed the free wifi.   You have to re-sign in every two hours but that's a small price to pay for free wifi.  :)    Whenever we've stayed overnight in a parking lot we've always gone into the store and purchased something.  Yes Zach you will be getting yet another tool for Christmas.