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October 31, 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Some people have asked how Maddie is liking this adventure.   We thought she was doing well but we found out recently that she's barking and/or howling during the day while we're gone - not good.   Here was our solution: 
Where's the remote?
We left the TV on so she'd have some company while we're gone.   What good dog owners we are - right?   Unfortunately that didn't work out and our next step was to bring her to the job site where she stays in the truck hiding under the seat and is as happy as a dog can be.   Silly Dog! 

Now that the painting and priming is done (finally!), I have been working with M on staining trim.  I've really enjoyed working and getting to know all my fellow care-a-vanners but M is my hero.    She is a retired 1st grade teacher and once she retired she planned to travel in a RV with her husband.   Unfortunately, God had other plans.  Her husband passed away a few months before she retired.  Rather than give up on their plans she decided to follow their dream of traveling the U.S.   She also became a RV Care-A-Vanner and has worked on over 30 Habitat builds.    She even had the privilege of working on one with Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter.    She travelled from California to Kentucky for our build and then will continue on to a few others in the south.   She told me that she's home in California for about 3 months and spends the rest of the time traveling.    She worked tirelessly at any job and was always looking for something to do, I was worn out just watching her!        She's very modest and unassuming and would probably be mortified that I have included her in my blog (thus, the M just in case).   I want to be just like her when I grow up!

Today our team leader, took M and I over to a house that was completed about 4 months ago.   M
had worked on the project when she was here last year so she was thrilled to get to see it finished and reconnect with the homeowners who had put their own sweat equity into it.   The homeowner, Judy, is a quilter and it was interesting to see her quilting machine (long arm).   Not only is she a quilter but she also makes rag rugs.  She was so sweet and appreciative of everything HFH had done for her and her family.     I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet Judy and Ben and see their completed house.

In the evening our group went out to a local restaurant, The Lemon Tree for our final group meal.  One care-a-vanner left Thursday morning and the rest of us will be on our way Saturday.    We received Halloween treat bags from our retired 1st grade teacher (such a teacher thing to do).   Marty and I gave out our candy bars and a copy of the group photo.  Mike's kids gave each couple a handmade pot holder.  Then our Team Leader, Jeff,  made a speech and gave the newbies (there were 5 of us) each a hammer pin representing our first build with Habitat for Humanity.     He also passed out carpenter pencils to everyone from the local lumberyard and from Habitat.   My first official tool!  :)

H4H Group Photo