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11/4/13 - Travel Day

Monday, 11/4/13

Happy Third Birthday to our great-nephew, Kayden.

Today is a travel day with a final destination of Livingston, Texas on Wednesday.   We drove from Hurricane Mills, TN to Little Rock, AR a total of about 290 miles.

Heading West over the Mississippi
You don't see this at gas stations in Chicago!

We had heard you could overnight in Camping World's parking lot so we decided to check it out.  They not only let you park overnight but they will allow you to plug in to their 50 amp electric and if you need water they provide that too.  We shopped for a while and waited for the parking lot to clear out.  Once the employees were gone, we moved over to the side of the building, plugged in,  heated up our last Lou Malnotti's pizza (I'm really going to miss Chicago pizza) and watched TV.  We didn't have ESPN so we didn't get to watch the Bears beat the Packers but we did get to watch Dancing with the Stars.
When knowing the day of the week is more important than knowing what time it is.
(I didn't buy it - yet)