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11/21/3 - Travel Day - Texas to Louisiana


Thursday, 11/21/13

Another Day, Another State
We wanted to be on the road this morning by 10:00 and we were on the road at 10:08 - we are definitely getting better at this.   We drove 200 miles from Livingston, Texas to Abbeville, Louisiana and arrived at Betty's RV Park around 3:30.  Oh yeah, we stopped at a truck stop Hardee's for lunch and there was a small (very small) casino connected to it.  I put $5.00 in a machine and came out with $6.75 - I think I'm going to like Louisiana.

Our home for the next 10 days

Once we got settled, we joined the rest of the "campground" at Happy Hour.   There are a total of 16 sites in a gravel parking lot - definitely a different kind of camping experience.   We met our fellow campers and sat with Marvin who is Cajun and gave us lots of things to do in the area (mostly food things).    Tomorrow we go exploring!